Sunday, March 27  |  3:00 PM

Music in Bloom

This afternoon's concert celebrates the arrival of spring with three dramatic and moving works.

The opener, Shiver and Bloom, is a musical dialogue between the human mind and body. Often perceived as two separate realms, in reality mind and body are intrinsically connected, and so Adolphe explores how two contrasting sound characters seek a harmonious coexistence.

The Benjamin Britten piece is a character sketch of the composer’s teacher, Frank Bridge, whom he admired deeply. Britten captures the fascinating complexity of Bridge’s personality in a series of brief movements for string orchestra.

The final work is a classic piano concerto that Beethoven himself debuted almost exactly 217 years ago, on April 3, 1803. The third piano concerto is a perfect blend of drama, virtuosity and sublime beauty. And, given that 2020 is the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth, there could be no better way to close out The Symphonia's season than with the captivating soloist Marika Bournaki performing this powerful piece.

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Shiver and Bloom
Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge
Piano Concerto No. 3


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Marika Bournaki

Marika Bournaki

Described as “the Celine Dion of classical” by The Huffington Post, Marika Bournaki is at once a world-class performer, dazzling pianist, vivacious young woman and one of the freshest faces on the classical music scene. Ms. Bournaki not only brings distinctive interpretations to favorite standards, but extends her passion for music by commissioning works from younger composers and collaborating with artists from various fields.

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Laura Jackson

Laura Jackson

Acclaimed for her artistry, leadership and innovative programming, Laura Jackson currently serves as Music Director and Conductor of the Reno Philharmonic. Her passion and drive have led that orchestra to new heights, with cutting-edge composer-in-residence projects, vibrant performances of traditional repertoire, and collaborations that captivate the enthusiasm of music aficionados nationwide.

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Roberts Theater at Saint Andrew's School

Roberts Theater at Saint Andrew's School

The Roberts Theatre is located on the campus of St. Andrew’s school, on the East side of Jog Road, between Glades and Yamato Roads.

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