About Us



Martin B. Stein*, Honorary Chairman *1928-2017

Steven L. Pomeranz, President Emeritus



P. T. Anderson, Comptroller

RiS Publishing, Website & Marketing

The Buzz Agency, Social Media & PR

Rose Marcom LLC – Fundraising & Development

Linda Holtz, Grant Writer

Rosalind Gordon – Administrative Assistant

Susan Dirgins-Friend, Orchestra Librarian

Robert Ulmer, Bookkeeper

Our Sponsors

Cultural Council
Discover the Palm Beaches
Palm Beach County
Schmidt Family Foundation
Culture Builds Florida
Children's Services Council
Impact 100
Community Foundation
Kimmel Family Foundation
Blakesberg & Co.
Boca Raton Resort
City of Boca Raton
Marriott Boca Raton
Healing Moments
Relax the Back
Ready Set Boca