Saturday, March 16  |  11:00 AM

Meet the Orchestra

Held during The Symphonia’s concert dress rehearsal, on the Saturday prior to each concert, Meet the Orchestra is a fun, interactive program for children that provides an opportunity for:

SHARING a classical music experience with their parents or grandparents.

HEARING a live orchestra play.

LEARNING about the instrument families that make up an orchestra.

LISTENING to our conductor and musicians talk about music.

DISCOVERING, at our instrument petting zoo, just how hard it is to play an instrument!

With the school system offering less exposure to classical music, this program fills a much-needed gap, providing parents with a unique opportunity to introduce their children to the wonderful world of classical music, while sowing the seeds to develop a classical music audience for the future.

This program is free for children.  Adults pay a nominal $5 fee.  Non-profit groups attend free of charge.

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