Meet the Orchestra
Saturday, March 28  |  10:30 AM

Come Compose with Us!

Meet the Orchestra is an interactive program for children, their parents, and their grandparents, exploring music and its instruments.

At today's event, children will compose music as a group, using the information learned from the previous sessions.

  • Together, the children will compose a short rhythmic piece.
  • The attendees will meet Marika Bournaki, the piano soloist for this performance and have the opportunity to ask questions about the piano.
  • The program will conclude by watching Marika perform Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3.


Laura Jackson

Laura Jackson

Acclaimed for her artistry, leadership and innovative programming, Laura Jackson currently serves as Music Director and Conductor of the Reno Philharmonic. Her passion and drive have led that orchestra to new heights, with cutting-edge composer-in-residence projects, vibrant performances of traditional repertoire, and collaborations that captivate the enthusiasm of music aficionados nationwide.

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Marika Bournaki

Marika Bournaki

With unparalleled technical, musical and communication skills, Marika Bournaki is a world class performer, outstanding pianist, and vivacious young woman…. and the freshest face on the classical music scene. Her innovative approach to her art and performance make her an audience favorite.

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Roberts Theater at Saint Andrew's School

Roberts Theater at Saint Andrew's School

The Roberts Theatre is located on the campus of St. Andrew’s school, on the East side of Jog Road, between Glades and Yamato Roads.

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